Project Tango: Google Doubling Down on Augmented Reality?

In Random

Google’s recent announcement of Project Tango (see video below) declares it as among other things a solution to the “problem called navigation indoors.” (Chris Anderson, “Say Hello to Project Tango” video)  The promotional video plays like any Tech-Nerd dream sequence with the Project Tango device (currently in prototype stages) mapping 3d enviroments, interacting with SkyNet-like robotic assemblies, and performing other techrotic feats.

Alright well a collaborative effort by Google and other major academic institutions and companies has created a cool concept phone.  Just a cool new thing to show off at conventions and developer conferences…..or maybe a growing trend in the Google home office?  Lets take a look at some of the other popular technologies/software to come out of Googledom, particularly Google Glass and Ingress…

Maybe this is a growing trend at Googland, or a growing trend for tech in general.  Technology as a layer on top of reality and not separated from it.